The Big Leadership Disconnect

  • Students Missing The Boat about Getting Ahead -  Clues to Senior Living Leadership

    A recent study published at HR Magazine  took a look at what Bachelor level students believe it takes to grow their soon to be starting careers and what HR managers are actually looking for.  There was a huge disconnect.  It looked like this:

    Students believed the following things were high priorities:

    1. Technical experience -  HR managers saw low value in this

    2. Going above and beyond the job requirements -  HR managers saw this as low value.

    Here is what HR managers thought were high priority items:

    1. Working outside their comfort zone

    2. Gaining broad experience

    3. Networking

    4. Gaining international experience

    Neither thought working longer hours would aid career growth.

    The Rub - Senior Living

    I am a little more than half way through the fall conference madness and as I reflect on the kinds of topics being covered, particularly in breakout sessions, there is a lot more focus on technical expertise than leadership skills.   This may be why we continue to have such a shallow leadership pool in the industry.   Perhaps we need to be doing more in the way of TED talks kinds of presentations and a little less on MDS’s, Social Media and regulations.

    I particularly applaud NIC for launching the NIC talks because they focus in this particular area.   I will over the coming weeks be covering some of those video, that are available online.  

    A great way to start tackling these areas might look like this:

    1. When you go to a conference set a goal of meeting 5 new people

    2. Commit to reading one leadership book per quarter

    3. Watch one TED talk (or NIC Talk) per month

    4. Post a question here at the Hub or respond to someone else's post

    5. Invite a friend to join Senior Living Leadership Hub

    Steve Moran