About Us

Senior Living Leadership Hub is an online community for great senior living leaders who want to continue to grow their knowledge and skill-set.   


IT WILL COST YOU . . . but only a measly $10 per month or $120 per year.  (Charter Member Rates)  As a charter member we are also hoping you will tell us what works and what doesn’t.  What features you would like added.  


Think of it this way:


  • Would you pay $100 per year to fill just one extra bed in your community?

  • Would you pay $10 a month if you could reduce your employee turnover by 50%?

  • Would you pay $100 per year to have access to some of the greatest leaders in the senior living/long-term care sector of the economy?

  • It is a great perk for your leaders, that will keep team members loyal to you and pay great dividends to the organization


Another way to look at it might be like this.


Imagine for a minute that you are dealing with a personal issue in your part of the senior living world. While you may have some idea of how to resolve it, you want to run it by someone who has wisdom and experience; maybe even someone who had the same problem and found a perfect solution. Or maybe they tried your solution and found it made things worse.   


Would it be worth $10 to get feedback from one or multiple experts.


What Are You Talking About?

Senior Living Leadership Hub is an emerging online community that is being launched by Steve Moran and Senior Housing Forum LLC.  You might think of it as being a bit like Facebook for senior living professionals . . . without all those annoying Candy Crush invites (sorry if you are a player). Then add to that the best parts of LinkedIn, then include the kind of thought leadership you get from watching great TED Talks.


Being Part of the Community

Each day members of the community and Senior Living Hub will post questions and ideas that will help you be a better leader. Sometimes it will be pure leadership stuff. Other times, it will address staffing, recruiting, marketing and sales. On top of that, twice a month we will hold exclusive online leadership training that will only be available to community members.


Finally, it will work best if you are willing to give as well as get. This means as people ask questions you will join the conversation. There will be differing ideas and opinions but not wrong answers.


While we have vendor memberships we will not allow the community to become a marketplace for those companies and individuals. They are, however, an important part of the senior living leadership community and will be free to join the conversations.


Who is Behind This?

Senior Living Leadership Hub is owned and managed by Steve Moran and Senior Housing Forum, LLC.  Senior Housing Forum is the most respected senior living industry website publishing fresh content that helps great senior living operators get even better.


He founded Senior Living Leadership Hub as another way to help great leaders get even better.


Who Is This For?

While this community would likely benefit anyone who is in leadership or wants to be, our target audience is:


  • CEO’s, COO’s

  • VPs

  • Regional managers

  • Executive directors/administrators/general managers

  • Community level marketing directors

  • Director of nurses

  • Community level care managers


Corporate Deals

If you have more than 10 people in your organizations we offer you two great things:

  1. A reduced rate based on the size of your organization

  2. A private discussion group for just your team.  The rest of the members won’t even know it is there.

If you are interested in a corporate membership please shoot us an email.  smoran@seniorhousingforum.net